We receive some questions quite often so I will try and keep this list updated as needs be.

What is a domain? What is hosting? 

We answered this question in a blog post: Websites 101.

What kind of website do I need? 

We answered this question in a blog post: Types of Websites.

People keep calling be about my Google ranking, how do I make it stop?!

We understand completely; the task of getting your website listed on search engines can be daunting, but it is necessary.

  • What does SEO/SEM stand for? Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing
  • How can I get on the front page? We answered part of this question in a blog post: Found on Google.
  • Can the people calling really remove my site from the first page? No, the aggressive cold-calling salesmen are the bane of the digital marketing industry. No one can remove you and no one can guarantee first page placement. It is all determined by Google’s algorithm.

Do you do Pro-Bono work?

We have done a fair amount of volunteer work for various schools; non-profits and churches. Give us a ring to see if we can help.


  • @MattWoomer dude, I just tried @Brawlhalla this is awesome! Just bought the $15 beta bundle. :D
  • @MattWoomer haha. I'm not really using this to the extent I thought I would. Send me an email when/if you want it devin/at/mybluemammoth.com
  • @MattWoomer yo, since you guys have https://t.co/uaSPpQnS6e are you interested in this Twitter handle?