Gryphon Roofing: Web

Gryphon Roofing has quite a few services they offer to different demographics all of which require a different design. We implemented a splash landing page which first divides out commercial vs residential visitors to respective subdomains. In creating this solution Gryphon has seen a tremendous uptick of their bounce rate and much more contact forms filled out, the redesign is certainly helping! Both commercial and residential sites were built on WordPress as they required a very robust CMS (content management system).

  • @MattWoomer dude, I just tried @Brawlhalla this is awesome! Just bought the $15 beta bundle. :D
  • @MattWoomer haha. I'm not really using this to the extent I thought I would. Send me an email when/if you want it devin/at/
  • @MattWoomer yo, since you guys have are you interested in this Twitter handle?