First Choice Glass

Tom came to me with terrible news;l a marketing company sold him a website but they owned the domain, some time later the relationship went sour and now they are holding the domain & website hostage! Unfortunately if an agreement can’t be made you have to start from scratch, and that is what we did for First Choice Glass in Apache Junction. We setup a domain and hosting plan under Tom’s name so he remained in ultimate control of his website this time, though he hired us to build out a simple but effective WordPress website. In the end he was happy to have his own website again and have a friend to call when he needs help.

  • @MattWoomer dude, I just tried @Brawlhalla this is awesome! Just bought the $15 beta bundle. :D
  • @MattWoomer haha. I'm not really using this to the extent I thought I would. Send me an email when/if you want it devin/at/
  • @MattWoomer yo, since you guys have are you interested in this Twitter handle?