Websites 101

So You Want a Website on the Internet?

Every business inevitably comes to the decision to get some exposure on the world wide web. Whether they want a simple site with contact information, or a detailed & interactive experience for their clients. I will go over a few terms, and explanations about how the web works.

1.) Domain Name (.com)

What is it? Your domain name is simply a way of identifying your website from others on the web. There are many different domain “endings” as in .com, .net, .org, and etc. The most common is .com however it is the most difficult to get at times

Where do I get one? There are many Domain Name Registrar’s where you can “buy” your domain name. Domain name’s have an expiration date, so you will have to choose how many year’s you want to pay for upfront. Most opt for 1 year with an automatic renewal each year. I suggest buying your domain from however any of the following will suffice:

2.) Hosting

What is it? Your host is who keeps the files of your website available to the web. There are many different options when getting a hosting account which all come down to a few questions:

  • How much data does your site require?
  • How much traffic does your site require?
  • How much security/privacy does your site require?
  • Do you want email hosting?

Where do I get it? Most domain registrars also offer hosting packages (and sometime bundle the two products for a cheaper price). I personally use, and have over 20 websites (Clients & Personal) hosted there.

3.) Email

Where do I get PERSONALIZED email? You have a few options here.

  1. Hosting – Your website host may offer email hosting as well. Which you can setup with them.
  2. Gmail – Google has their list of products that you can lease for your business like Gmail, Docs & Calendar. (This is what I currently use for Blue Mammoth \- and what I would suggest doing).


Note: This post was originally posted on in 2012. It resided on (a personal blog of mine) for the last year, however I want to bring it back here where it belongs.

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