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  • Web Design

    Creating and maintaining beautiful websites. We love working with Wordpress or we can build you a static website.

  • Website Management

    We will work together to make an engaging & SEO friendly website. Don't let your website go stagnant!

  • Graphic Design

    Get the most out of your marketing efforts with new strategies and designs. Let's showcase all you have to offer!

New Ducky Zero keyboard. Writing code has never been more fun. (Or any less clicky clacky!) #mxbrowns
RT @idiot: CSS, explained with corgis:
New website is getting its finish touches:


Here are some ballpark prices for you.

  • Basic
    $600 One Time Fee
    7-14 Day Processing
    SEO Optimized: 2 Keywords
    1 Free Update / Year
    6 Pages
  • Wordpress
    $1,200 One Time Fee
    30-45 Day Processing
    SEO Optimized: 6 Keywords
    Client Updatable – Training
    10 Page Setup
    Custom Graphics
  • Website
    $250+ Monthly
    2 Blog Articles
    Weekly Social Posts
    Website Updates
    Keyword Analysis
  • Other
    $$ See Below
    Graphic Design - $45/hr
    - Logo: $225
    - Business Cards: $45
    - Flyers: $90


Awesome work makes happy clients.

"I didn't know how to get a website together and was afraid of getting charged too much. Taking a leap of faith I hired Blue Mammoth to build my site. The guys worked quickly, got results, and relieved my headache."
- Tom Kelly

"I was one of Devin's first customers; he was a true joy to work with. Solid work ethic and charming personality that kept me confident in his skills."
- Tracy Laasch

"Blue Mammoth has been taking care of my marketing department for the last few years. They always come through with detailed reports when discussing our website analytics. "
- Russel Hyman

Client Resources

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