We design and build amazing things.

  • Web Design

    Creating and maintaining beautiful websites. We love working with Wordpress or we can build you a static website.

  • Website Management

    We will work together to make an engaging & SEO friendly website. Don't let your website go stagnant!

  • Graphic Design

    Get the most out of your marketing efforts with new strategies and designs. Let's showcase all you have to offer!

@MattWoomer dude, I just tried @Brawlhalla this is awesome! Just bought the $15 beta bundle. :D
@MattWoomer haha. I'm not really using this to the extent I thought I would. Send me an email when/if you want it devin/at/
@MattWoomer yo, since you guys have are you interested in this Twitter handle?


Here are some ballpark prices for you.

  • Basic
    $800 One Time Fee
    7-14 Day Processing
    SEO Optimized: 2 Keywords
    1 Free Update / Year
    6 Pages
  • Wordpress
    $1,500 One Time Fee
    30-45 Day Processing
    SEO Optimized: 6 Keywords
    Client Updatable – Training
    10 Page Setup
    Custom Graphics
  • Website
    $250+ Monthly
    2 Blog Articles
    Weekly Social Posts
    Website Updates
    Keyword Analysis
  • Other
    $$ See Below
    Graphic Design - $45/hr
    - Logo: $225
    - Business Cards: $50 / 500
    - Flyers: $90 - Design only / Printing $$$ by quantity


Awesome work makes happy clients.

"I didn't know how to get a website together and was afraid of getting charged too much. Taking a leap of faith I hired Blue Mammoth to build my site. The guys worked quickly, got results, and relieved my headache."
- Tom Kelly

"I was one of Devin's first customers; he was a true joy to work with. Solid work ethic and charming personality that kept me confident in his skills."
- Tracy Laasch

"Blue Mammoth has been taking care of my marketing department for the last few years. They always come through with detailed reports when discussing our website analytics. "
- Russel Hyman

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Making life easier for our customers.


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